Pencil Portrait by Banzchan on Deviantart

When I first saw the commissioned pencil portrait by Banzchan from Deviantart about a month ago, I thought they were what I want to do - to draw from photo in my own style.

I wanted to blog about his work a while ago but did not get to do it. Earlier today, I was surfing Deviantart and could not find Banzchan's gallery. After a lot of hunting and searching on the internet, I finally manage to locate it. It seems that I have remembered his nickname wrongly. So, I think I better blog about it quickly since I am at it.

Below are some more example of his work:

He made his subjects look cute and endearing in anime style. In some of the drawings, he sprinkled a little bit of creativity to increase the storytelling element. I especially like the way he design the shapes and simplifies the tones. 

This looks like a fun exercise and I am sure it will help in character design.

You can see more of his work in his Deviantart gallery.
He even has Youtube channel to show how he draw.

Here's one of them: 

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