Face Sketches

Towards the end of last year, I set myself a challenge to do at least a head sketch each day. This exercise was inspired by Chris Legaspi of Freshdesigner.com, The image on the left is a compilation of all the head sketches I did last year. You can click on it to see the bigger version.

My intention was to finish drawing all the photos in Freshdesigner reference photo gallery However, this exercise was disrupted by a year-end overseas trip and I did not get back to it after that. I still want go back again and draw all the photos.

Below is the earliest "How to Draw Head Quick Sketch using Reilly Method" video clip by Chris Legaspi on Youtube.

Here is the link to his more recent 5 Minute Head Study Demo Video..

I have just signed up for Shading Drawing Challenge 2015 by Pencilkings. This Challenge is designed to help participants learn about values and improve rendering skill. On Day 1, we were told to create a "Before" drawing which will act as a benchmark for us to see how much we have improved over the 4 weeks. The face sketches above will serve as my "Before" image for the Challenge.

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