The Daily Zoo - Chris Ayers and His Sketchbook

I came across "The Daily Zoo Year 2" in Basheer bookshop last weekend and was immediately enchanted by it. The book is a collection of animal sketches done by Chris Ayers. In the book, he explained that the project started after a year he was diagnosed with leukemia and the initial idea was to draw an animal a day for a year. However, he continued with the habit after a year of drawing.

The book was filled with funny and creatively caricatured animals. It was really inspiring and made me want to start sketching daily too.

However, I have this fear that I may not be able to commit and persevere. I often wonder if I have lost the passion in drawing and creating art. Well, I guess sometimes you just have to keep doing something in order for the passion to be ignited. The flame is flickering, I have to protect it and keep it alive.

So, I have decided to start blogging again. I will post some of my works here and share the artworks of others that I like in this blog. Even if I cannot commit to draw daily, I will start to work on being disciplined. I know once this has become a habit, things will be easier.

At this stage, I find it overwhelming. There are so many things I need to learn and improve. I will try to be patient and take things one at a time. I have a lifetime ahead of me to improve my skills. What's the hurry? Just take small steps daily, however small, just don't waste the day not doing anything because of fear. I have to keep reminding myself.

Today, I stumbled upon an interview with Chris Ayers on Youtube. I think it is good to start my blog with this video, as an inspiration and reminder to myself.

… it does become challenging to try and find the time to do it but it has become sort of a habit, kinda like brushing my teeth. There has been a few days where I almost nearly forgotten, where I have been in bed, the lights has been out, the head has been on the pillow and then I realized, "Oh crap! I've gotta, have do my animals." I have to get up and turn back the lights...

Here is the link to Chris Ayers' website 

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